Melange Yarn: A Different Weaving Culture

Last Updated on 05/01/2021

Melange Yarn: A Different Weaving Culture

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Melange Yarn
It is known fact that Melange yarns are spun by mixing dyed and undyed fibres with varying degrees, and dyed fibres are remarkably damaged during production, developing deep cracks/saw teeth effects on fibre, resulting decrease in mechanical and physical properties of yarn as under.

Melange yarns
Fig: Melange yarns

1. Increase in % of short fibres
2. Loss of yarn strength
3. Loss of elongation
4. Increased yarn Imperfections

  • More thick & Thin places
  • Increased Neps
  • Increased Yarn Hairiness

It is, therefore, very essential to take intensive care during conversion process of fibre to fabric.


  • Care to be taken to avoid additional abrasion on each & every end.
  • Unwinding should be smooth (check creel angle & rectify any deviation)
  • Optimum warping speed to be determined to avoid end breaks.


  • Size recipe to be decided with proper binding quality & viscosity
  • Try to make warp surface as soft as possible.
  • Size penetration & good coating, added cohesive strength and sustained elongation are very essential.
  • Never allow to go warp over dry. Melange warp due high imperfections is very sensitive to moisture. It is, therefore, suggested to avoid over drying during sizing especially during start & finishing of sizing (Doffing of sized beam & Starting of new Beam).

1. Suggested to use following classification chart for correct application as per the count of warp. (General guidelines – applicable for all)


Eye Size (mm)Thickness (mm)Density per inchApplication
5.5 * 1.20.23440s Ne to 100 Ne
5.5 * 1.20.253240s Ne to 100 Ne
5.5 * 1.20.33040s Ne to 100 Ne
6.5 * 1.80.222Below 40s Ne, till 10s Ne
6.5 * 1.80.2521Below 40s Ne, till 10s Ne
6.5 * 1.80.320Below 40s Ne, till 10s Ne

Drop Pins

Height (mm)Thickness (mm)Density per inchApplication
1650.25060s Ne & above
0.33520s Ne to 50s Ne
0.425Below 20 Ne

2. Melange warp yarn due rough surface feel, it very essential to take intensive care during Weaving – with optimized tuning of tension & related settings along with extra precautions to avoid unnecessary abrasions throughout the warp sheet.

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