Comparison between Rib and Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Last Updated on 24/03/2021

Experiment name:
Study on compare between Rib and Interlock circular knitting machine.


  1. To know about comparison between rib and interlock machine.
  2. To know about difference between rib and interlock machine.
  3. To about cam system of rib and interlock machine.
  4. To know about needle gaiting.

Rib and Interlock both machine produced double jersey fabric. There are various types of fabric is produced in this machine. We can produce various effects in the fabric by rib and interlock machine. There is a difference between rib and interlock in the needle gaiting and cam system. Rest of the features of these machines are almost same.

Machine specification:

Rib circular knitting machine:

Rib Circular Knitting Machine
Fig: Rib Circular Knitting Machine
  • Origin of the machine: ITALY
  • Model no.: CMOAN
  • Serial no: 1026338
  • Dia of the machine: 20”
  • Gauge of the machine: 18
  • No of Feeder: 40
  • No of Needle: 1128

Interlock circular knitting machine:

interlock circular knitting machine
Fig: Interlock circular knitting machine
  • Company: Precision FUKUHARA Works Limited.
  • Origin of the machine: Japan
  • Model no.: V – 8ME– 42
  • Dia of the machine: 30″
  • Gauge of the machine: 22
  • No of Feeder: 84
  • Serial no: 1352761

Comparison between Rib and Interlock circular knitting machine:

Rib circular knitting m/cInterlock circular knitting m/c
Cam truckTwo truck.Four truck.
NeedleTwo butt needle.Four butt needle.
Butt positionDifferent position.Different position.
Feed systemPositive feed System.Positive feed System.
Creel SystemSide Creel.Side Creel.
Cam SystemClose Cam system.Close Cam system.
Modern machine.Modern machine.
NeedleNo Long and short needleLong and short needle
Needle gaitingNeedle gaiting rib circularNeedle gaiting interlock
Course CompleteIn one feederIn Two feeder
Cam arrangementCam arrangement ribNo Alternate knit and miss cam in cylinder and dial.Cam arrangement interlockAlternate knit and miss cam in cylinder and dial.
Camcam rib circularcam interlock circular machine
ScopeRib machine does not produce interlock fabric.Interlock machine can produce rib fabric by switching needle out of action.
Cam TruckIt may one or two or more truck.At least two truck.

Rib and interlock machine is frequently used in knitting industry for produce various types of fabric. So every student should know about the comparison of rib and interlock machine. Two machines are almost same but a little bit change in their needle gaiting.

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