Yarn Path Diagram of Rib Circular Knitting Machine

Last Updated on 16/03/2021

Yarn to Fabric Path Diagram of Rib Circular Knitting Machine

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Experiment Name:
Yarn path diagram of Rib circular knitting machine.

The structure in which the face and back loop occurs along to the coarse successively but all the loops of a wale is same is called rib structure. The circular knitting machine which is used to produce the rib structures is known as rib machine.


  • To know rib circular knitting machine.
  • To know similarities between these machine.
  • To know 2-butt cylinder needle optional present here. 2-butt dial needle used in this machine. 2-cam truck optional but single cam truck used in the cylinder and 2-cam truck used in the dial.
  • To know this machine are synchronized timing & side creel used in this machine.
  • To know cylinder & dial are used in this m/c & two set needle used one for cylinder and one for dial.

Yarn path diagram of Rib circular knitting machine:

Yarn path diagram of Rib circular machine
Fig: Yarn path diagram of rib circular machine

Description of the machine:
In a dial cylinder rib machine there is one set of needles on the circumference of the vertical cylinder and another set of needles on a horizontal dial. So two sets of needles remain at the right angle with each other. In dial cylinder machines the dial and cylinder rotates but the cam systems with the feeders remain stationary.

The dial needles get its motion from its butt which is placed on the cam truck. This cam truck is formed by different cam placed on a cam plate.

During the rotation of the cylinder, cylinder needles moves vertically and dial needles moves horizontally. Cylinder needles also get its motion from it. There is a cloth tale up roller which also rotates with unison to dial and cylinder and fabric is wound on it.

Looping Diagram Chain Motion:

Looping Diagram Chain Motion
Fig: Looping Diagram

Needle Arrangement:

Needle arrangement of rib circular machine
Fig: Needle arrangement of rib circular machine

This experiment has significance in our study life. In this experiment we sketch the yarn path diagram of the rib circular machine, show the knitting action, cam system. We point out the various specification of the machine. I think this practical will be very helpful in my future career.

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