Top 10 Trusted Websites to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Comments

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the best social media sites for digital marketing. If you want your brand to be easily noticed, you must have a strong presence on the platform. However, you might struggle to grow your Instagram account when getting started.

When that happens, you must think of a way to grow your account quickly. One way is to buy followers. If you decide to do that, you must ensure you only buy from reputable sites. Otherwise, buying from scam sites that sell bot followers may do you more harm than good. Luckily, we have reviewed the top 10 best-trusted websites to buy Instagram followers.

Is It Worth Buying Instagram Followers, Likes, And Comments?
If it’s your first time buying Instagram followers, you might wonder if it’s worth it. Here are some excellent reasons:

Increase your following. Social media users often like following pages with thousands of followers. If your page only has a few followers, nobody will follow you. But by buying followers, you can have more people following you. Similarly, when Instagram users see your posts receiving a lot of likes and comments, they are also likely to engage with your page and follow it.

Websites to Buy Instagram Followers

Save time and effort. Let’s face the fact: growing an Instagram page takes a lot of effort. You need to post constantly high-quality content to get people to follow your page. Experts suggest posting every day or several times a week to receive the traction your page needs.

Higher visibility for your content. Social media algorithms will often recommend pages to users with a higher engagement. If you want your posts to be more visible on Instagram, you should increase your followers, likes, and comments. The easiest way of doing that is by buying followers.

Top 10 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers:
Now that you understand why it is necessary to buy Instagram followers, here are the top sites to buy Instagram followers:

1. SocialWick
When buying followers, one of the most critical factors you need to consider is the quality of followers. You want to avoid buying followers from sites that sell bot followers. We ranked SocialWick as the first because it sells high-quality followers who are real people. The likes and comments are also from real people with active social media accounts.


  • High-quality followers, likes, and comments.
  • Good customer service.
  • Private and discreet.
  • Fast delivery of followers.


  • The site isn’t well organized.

SocialWick is our top recommendation for people searching for a site to buy Instagram followers. After selling millions of followers and still having a satisfaction rating of 98% on independent review sites, it’s clear that many of its users are satisfied with its service. It’s, therefore, the best site to grow your Instagram following and engagement.

2. SubscriberZ
Our second recommendation for a site for buying followers is SubscriberZ. Like SocialWick, the site also sells high-quality followers. They grow your Instagram following and engagement by promoting your page to people in your niche. That means organic growth of your Instagram account with no bots.


  • Grow your Instagram account organically.
  • Lots of satisfied customers.
  • 24 customer support.
  • Fast delivery of followers and engagement.


  • You need to sign up to access services.

When you order followers and engagement SubsriberZ, they will deliver your order within 24 hours. The site lets you choose whether you want the followers delivered immediately or  gradually.

If we had to describe Mixx in three words, it would be trustworthy, affordable, and credible. After analyzing over 30 sites selling followers, we found Mixx to be the third best. We particularly liked how they delivered high-quality followers at an affordable price.


  • Fast but gradual delivery of followers.
  • Unmatched customer support.
  • Flexible payment options.


  • No free trial period

Mixx uses the latest technological inventions and its network of social media users to provide high-quality followers at an affordable price. By using their services, you can be guaranteed credibility, social proof, and better visibility on Instagram.

4. Gore Ad
During our research, we also came across a service provider known as Gore Ad that purported to sell followers, likes, and comments. Going through their site, we noticed they had a beautiful and well-organized site. However, we made a small order of about 50 Instagram likes and comments. While they delivered fast, their followers didn’t add any engagement to our account, which made us suspect they could be bot followers.


  • Fast delivery of followers.
  • Affordable.


  • Deliver bot followers.

While Gore Ads is a legitimate service provider, it’s essential to research the quality of its services before ordering, as it seems to sell fake followers, likes, and comments.

5. Buzzoid
We came across a review of Buzzoid that seemed to suggest that it was among the most trusted sites to buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments. But as we did with the other sites, we decided to investigate further. We liked their instant delivery and the fact that they accepted various cards. However, after further investigation, we realized that they were selling followers without profile pictures, bio, or even posting history.


  • Accepts a variety of payment methods.
  • Instant delivery of followers, likes, and comments.


  • Delivers followers with no profile pictures, bio, or posts.
  • Followers reduce after some time.

6. Famoid
During our research, we found a site named Famoid that was ranked in the top 10 on Google. We decided to check it out. What we discovered was that it was probably doing its SEO well, leading to its high ranking. But when we did a background check on the quality of the followers, we realized that they had all the signs of bot followers. We loved that they delivered their followers organically, but we were convinced they weren’t genuine followers.


  • Well-organised site.
  • Often has great discounts.
  • Organic delivery of followers.


  • Deliver bot followers

7. Followeran
When we visited the Followeran site, the first thing we noted was the affordable price. The site offers packages for 2000 Instagram comments starting at around $6. You can also buy 200 Instagram story likes for $0.6.

That sounded like a good deal, so we tried it and ordered 500 comments for $1.5. We got comments from bot followers that added no value to our Instagram accounts. They were generic comments like “Nice pic”, “cool”, “thanks for letting me know”, and other crappy comments.


  • Affordable packages for as low as $0.3 for 100 followers.
  • Fast delivery.
  • User-friendly site


  • Sells comments and likes from bots.

8. Twicsy
For as little as $1.47, you can buy 1000 likes from Twicsy with Instant delivery. In addition to the likes, the site delivers other services such as Instagram followers, comments, and views. Twicsy offers two types of likes: average likes and high-quality likes. From our research, average likes mean likes from fake accounts. While the premium likes are also from bots, it is hard to discover that bots deliver them.


  • Instant delivery.
  • No password is needed.

Likes and comments from fake accounts.

9. Bulkoid
One thing we liked most about Bulkoid is its easy ordering process. All you need to do is choose a package, provide a link to the post you need likes for, and make payment. Bulkoid will handle the rest. We also noted that they had a variety of packages to meet different users’ needs. But that seemed to be the farthest their benefits went. When we ordered followers from them, again, we received fake followers.


  • Easy ordering process.
  • Variety of packages.
  • Fast delivery of likes.


  • Could cause your account to be banned

Your account may get suspended due to the fake followers you get from Bulkoid. So, you need to be careful when buying followers from them.

10. ViralHQ
Regarding the speed of processing transactions, ViralHQ performed exemplary well. When you pay, the likes and comments will appear on your post immediately. However, this could be a good or bad thing, depending on where you look at it.  If you need an instant boost to your followers’ numbers or want to increase engagement on a comment, you need the followers delivered as fast as possible.

On the other hand, an immediate boost to your account can cause it to be flagged for fake likes. Again, if a site delivers all your followers instantly, it could only mean one thing: they sell bot followers. Growing an Instagram account should happen organically if it’s from genuine followers.


  • Instant delivery of followers.
  • Affordable packages.


  • Low-quality followers, likes, and comments.

You might have noticed that we analyzed the quality of likes in all the service providers. This is not a mistake but it’s because we believe the quality of likes is the most important factor when buying Followers, likes, and comments.

From our review, the only services that you can be assured of buying genuine followers, likes,and comments were SocialWick, SubSrberZ, and Mixx. Therefore, if you don’t want to put your Instagram account at a risk,we recommend you buy form one of the three.

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