List and Classification of Knitting Machines

Last Updated on 26/02/2023

Knitted fabric differs vastly from woven fabrics. Woven fabric is formed substantially by interlacing of a series of lengthwise and crosswise threads. Knitting is the process in which fabrics are produced by set of connected loops from a series of yam in weft or warp direction is called knitting.. The basic element of a knit fabric structure is the loop intermeshed with the loops adjacent to it on both sides and above and below it.

The knitting industry belongs to the branches of the textile industry with long tradition and the knitted goods have been known for centuries. In the early days they were made by hand but now a days various kinds of modern knitting machinery are used to produces knitted fabric. Those knitting machineries not only highly productive but also capable to produce quality fabric. Here I am giving a list of the most used knitting machines used in knitting industry.

Classification of Knitting Machines:
The machines used for the manufacturing of knit fabrics are called knitting machine. Knitting are two types; warp knitting and weft knitting. So, primarily knitting machines can be classified as weft knitting machine and warp knitting machines. It can also be classified as flat knitting machines and circular knitting machines. Classification of knitting machines are helpful in choosing the appropriate machine for a specific production need or application. In this article I will give list and classification of knitting machines.

classification of knitting machines
Fig: Knitting machines

Weft knitting machines:
Weft knitting machines can be classified in different way. Such as According to the frame design and needle bed arrangement or construction, according to the number of needle bed or number of needle set used, according to the end product of the weft knitting machinery, according to the basic structure of the weft knitting, according to the types of needle used etc. A brief classification of weft knitting machine is given in Fig1.

classification of weft knitting machines
Fig1: Classification of weft knitting machines

List of weft knitting machines:

  1. Single Jersey Knitting Machines
  2. Double Jersey Knitting Machines
  3. Rib Knitting Machines
  4. Interlock Knitting Machines
  5. Jacquard Knitting Machines
  6. Terry Knitting Machines
  7. Fleece Knitting Machines
  8. Pile Knitting Machines
  9. Circular Knitting Machines
  10. Flat Knitting Machines
  11. Seamless Knitting Machines
  12. Computerized Knitting Machines
  13. Hand Knitting Machines
  14. Sock Knitting Machines
  15. Cut and Sew Knitting Machines
  16. Weft Insertion Knitting Machines
  17. Warp Insertion Knitting Machines
  18. Latch Needle Knitting Machines
  19. Sinkers Knitting Machines
  20. Loop Wheel Knitting Machines
  21. Fully Fashioned Knitting Machines
  22. Cut and Transfer Knitting Machines

Warp knitting machines:
Based on the features of warp knitting, the machines available are classified into two categories: Tricot and Raschel. Both Tricot and Raschel may be made with either single needle bar or double needle bar. A brief classification of warp knitting machine is given in Fig2.

classification of warp knitting machines
Fig 2: Classification of warp knitting machines

List of warp knitting machines:

  1. Tricot Knitting Machines
  2. Raschel Knitting Machines
  3. Crochet Knitting Machines
  4. Milanese Knitting Machines
  5. Simplex Knitting Machines

Flat knitting machines:
Flat bed knitting machines are a type of weft knitting machine that use a flat needle bed to produce knitted fabrics. Flat bed knitting machines are widely used in the fashion industry for the production of apparel, accessories, and home textiles.

List of flat bed knitting machines:

1. Single-bed machines:

2. Double-bed machines:

  • Rib machines
  • Interlock machines
  • Jacquard machines
  • Purl stitch machines

3. Fully-fashioned machines:

  • Shima Seiki WholeGarment machines
  • Stoll CMS machines
  • Protti machines

4. Intarsia machines:

  • Dubied Intarsia machines
  • Shima Seiki Intarsia machines

Circular knitting machines:
Circular knitting machines are a type of weft knitting machine that use a cylindrical needle bed to produce seamless tubular or flat fabrics. The needle bed consists of a series of needles arranged in a circle, which are controlled by cams or other knitting mechanisms to form loops of yarn. They can produce a wide range of fabrics, including single jersey, double jersey, rib, interlock, terry, fleece, jacquard, and more.

List of circular knitting machines:

  1. Single jersey circular knitting machines
  2. Double jersey circular knitting machines
  3. Rib circular knitting machines
  4. Interlock circular knitting machines
  5. Jacquard circular knitting machines
  6. Terry circular knitting machines
  7. Fleece circular knitting machines


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