Impact of Covid-19 on Fashion Trends

Corona Pandemic has had an impact on all industries around the world. Fashion trends are no exception. The epidemic has also affected our fashion and outfits. Experts now compare the time with the post-World War II period. In the meantime, a new way of life has been created. At present, fashion designers are trying to make basic clothes as a fashion trend.

fashion trends during covid-19
Fig: Fashion trends during covid-19

The Impact of Covid-19 on Fashion Trends:

👉The global epidemic of coronavirus has affected everywhere. Many garment companies have lost a lot of money due to the Corona epidemic. This means that those garment companies that can cope with the challenge of the Corona epidemic will survive, while those that cannot cope may be lost. Famous fashion brands like Nike, Zara, Puma have suspended their production and marketing in Corona for a long time.

👉All kinds of economic activities are slowly moving in the face of challenges like the Corona Crisis. However, despite the limited number of shops and shopping malls being opened, the number of buyers is negligible for fear of Covid-19. As a result, people’s interest in online shopping has increased.

👉Now almost all brands have online clothing sales system. These organizations have their own websites as well as Facebook pages. Anyone can order clothes by texting here. Fashion houses established offline have seen a decline in online sales, but now it has increased.

The Covid-19 epidemic dominates people’s thinking and minds. As a result, fashion executives are planning on a range of topics and are hoping to recover quickly from this tragic situation around the world.

Not only in the garment industry, but also in the fashion trends, the influence of Covid-19 has brought about a huge change. A lot of new things have been added to the fashion trends. This is discussed below:

👉In captivity people have tried to keep themselves healthy as well as not indulge in depression. During this time people have shown a lot of interest in light colors. In addition, the demand for basic clothing such as T-shirts, pants, suits has increased. Nowadays people have adopted basic clothes as a trend to keep them fit and fashionable.

👉Besides, many people have done work from home without going to the office at this time. As a result, the fashion of comfortable clothes is now seeing more possibilities than formal clothes. Also, at the moment, the designers are giving more priority to the clothes above the indoor fashion trends.

👉The attraction to neutral colors was noticeable in the Covid-19 period. Preference is given to all colors such as pastel, gray, beige which provide comfort to the eyes and fullness of mind.

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In case of change of fashion trends, simplicity should be given importance in the decoration of clothes this year. The cutting pattern of the garment will have flexibility. Single kameez, tops will be more popular. Individuality will be created in the pattern of clothing. The length of the garment will also change with the loose garment. There will be more or less experiments on clothes this year as well. However, everyone should raise their hands towards everyone and turnaround from this bad time.

The effect of Covid-19 is seen more in the trend of natural makeup. At one time people used to do a lot of makeup, now they are coming out of that trend. Now the trend is no-makeup look. That means there will be a natural feeling in the makeup.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the fashion trend right now –

👉Epidemic Covid-19 has added a number of new things to our lives. Mask is one of them. This mask gives us a lot of protection against corona virus infection. So designers have come up with various creativity in making masks. Different types of fabrics, different shapes, geometric patterns, floral embroidery, prints, colors etc. are currently new additions to face masks.

👉Now that masks have become an essential part of clothing, the need to apply lipstick is gone. Rather the creativity in eye make-up is now noticeable. Because the face is half covered with the mask, the eyes are talking now. So, the sales of eye-products in the market are now the highest. The demand of eye lenses has also increased as a fashion trend.

👉Comfort has been given more prominence in the fashion trends of Corona period. At this time there is also a variety of shoes. The popularity of high heels as shoes has decreased a lot. Slippers, sandals, crocs, flip flops are the first choice of housemates which are now in the center of attraction. These are much more comfortable and are the ones everyone likes to wear right now. They are great for indoor movement and relaxation and have a cool and stylish variety on the market.

Sustainable, reusable and eco-friendly fashion is also a main priority for the world during Corona. This seems to be the greatest achievement of global fashion in Corona. One thing is true in the case of the fashion industry, no matter how epidemic or whatever, the fashion trend will never be lost. Somehow the fashion trend will survive. Whether it is a change in the direction of fashion or the emergence of a new fashion.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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