Different Types of Abaya Styles, Looks and Fabrics

Different Types of Abaya Styles, Looks and Fabrics

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Abayas are much more than just a headscarf dress, despite the misconception that many people have about them. For Muslim women, it is a crucial religious and cultural item to have in their clothing. Unexpectedly, it is also a component of Muslim women’s modest clothing. Abayas are a popular choice among stylish Muslims to show off their personal flair. Women have a wide range of alternatives because to the abundance of cosy and lovely options available. Experts in the fashion industry claim that the abaya’s fabric is just as significant as its design. Wearing an abaya, which comes in a variety of fabrics, allows you to give yourself gorgeous looks.

Different Types of Fabrics Used for Abaya:

1. Cotton:
This organic material offers some noteworthy advantages when utilized to create abayas. It is incredibly cosy and offers great insulation. Our cotton abayas are very well-liked since it makes a great abaya material. It is the ideal fabric for you because it is breathable and feels comfy.

2. Chiffon:
The most common abaya material is chiffon since it is both aesthetically pleasing and comfy. Chiffon is a fabric that combines cotton, silk, and artificial fibres. Comfort and an elegant appearance are provided by fluid and light constructions. It is basically available in a variety of hues and patterns. Believe, when we claim that a chiffon abaya looks gorgeous when worn freely.

3. Silk:
When it comes to silk, it is available in a variety of colours and patterns. The specialty of abayais that it is highly elegant look due to the sheen and prints of real silk fabric. It appears to be a true masterpiece, and when paired with lacework, it exudes a royal yet relaxed feels, especially in these humid summers. It goes perfectly for any occasion as it imparts royalty to your personality.

4. Linen:
The strongest natural fibre is linen, which is also environmentally benign and biodegradable because it is produced organically. Because linen doesn’t fade as rapidly as other textiles, it’s perfect for everyday wear. It is the best thing to wear in hot weather because of the breathable material.

5. Satin:
It is seen that high-end luxury fabric that resembles silk in appearance is satin. When you want to look your best, it’s commonly used for abaya dresses. A satin abaya results into smooth, glossy, luxurious, as well as is lightweight which is very suitable for special occasions.

6. Polyester:
Because it is simple to handle, polyester is a common fabric. It is suitable for both everyday and formal abayas. A more comfortable and easy-to-maintain option is a polyester and georgette combination.

Different Types of Abaya with Styles and Looks:

1. Batwing Abaya:
This is the typical abaya for the Gulf religion. It comprises two sleeves that cover the upper arm completely. This design is particularly adaptable because it can be paired with jeans or pants for a more informal appearance or with formal attire for a more formal appearance.

Batwing Abaya

2. Maxi Abaya:
Women who prefer to cover a large portion of their body without donning a complete abaya choose the maxi abaya. You can wear this with any style of flat or high-heeled shoes because it only covers the upper half of your body and not your feet. For someone who wishes to hide her hair yet still seem stylish, this is ideal!

Maxi Abaya

3. Sheer Abaya:
Sheer abayas are incredibly sophisticated and stylish. They have either a high-neck neckline or a plunging neckline and are composed of lightweight textiles. These abayas look great with trousers or a maxi dress. You may see your shoulders and lower back thanks to the sheer abaya, which makes you appear thinner.

Sheer Abaya

4. Embroidered Abaya:
Even though this style of abaya is composed of more vibrant hues and covers your entire body, it is still fairly conservative. Both men and women can wear this style of abaya.

Embroidered Abaya

5. Printed Abaya:
This kind of abaya is made of silk and has a vibrant colour. It is typically white or black, although occasionally it may be a blend of hues (like red and green) or even a pattern (like floral motifs). Abayas of this style look great with floral dresses and tights.

Printed Abaya

6. Batwing Beaded Abaya:
This abaya includes a variety of patterns and hues, including lace. It contains beaded borders as well as batwing sleeves, adding an added touch of elegance. Some abayas come with matching headscarves so you can coordinate it with your other clothing. This look is very suitable for a night on the town.

Batwing Beaded Abaya

7. Portrait Abaya:
This particular style of abaya is constructed from a long, silky metallic fabric that elegantly drapes over your body. This abaya is more appropriate for formal events like, likes evening functions or wedding. It is suitable to wear with wide legged trousers and heels.

Portrait Abaya

8. Classic Abaya:
One of the most well-liked abaya styles in the Arab world is this one. It blends headscarves with shalwar trousers—a long, loose-fitting skirt worn over an ankle-length trouser—and is available in a variety of hues and patterns.

Classic Abaya

9. Full Abaya:
There is no such thing as “skin showing” when wearing a full abaya, which covers your entire body from head to toe. Full abayas can be constructed from heavier materials like shear and largely fitted, but the batwing abaya, for example, is loosely fitted.

Full Abaya

10. Beaded Abaya:
This style of abaya is also crafted from silk or metallic fabric and embellished with lovely beads. This design is much more gorgeous than the conventional batwing abaya since it features lovely designs on the sleeves and collar. This can be worn with either a dress or trousers.

Beaded Abaya

Although some individuals claim that abayas are constrictive, they have always been a highly popular component of our fashion trends. Abayas, in my opinion, are not at all constrictive and can even give us a glamorous and self-assured feeling. We are able to express our creativity and have fun with our clothing thanks to the various abaya styles. Every type of person can find an abaya in a style and colour that suits them! You can thus be sure to locate the ideal abaya for you, no matter what your style may be!


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