Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India

Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India

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Whenever the fashion magazines are concerned it is an essential element of the fashion industry. They are the kind of mediator that tells and promotes the design’s vision to the final purchaser. Managing the priorities has led to the variation in the modern periodical market. Fashion magazines are basically those lifestyle trendsetters that we flip through every once in a while. They help us to know about the latest trends of celebrities, designers, and fashion icons. Even in India it has been become one of the most traditional forms of learning about the latest style trends. Prior to Pinterest and Instagram, fashion magazines were the only way to look out at popular celebrity looks, trends, makeup, hairstyles, fitness mantras, outfit inspirations, travel guides and more.

Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India:

1. Vogue:
This is undoubtedly one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world and is on the top of all charts. Vogue was initially published in 1892 as a weekly newspaper that gradually became one of the most successful fashion magazines. It was taken over by Conde Nast Publishers in 1909, whose focus guide towards women. Even though it is unisexual, it is covering a host of columns for women. In 1988 Anna Wintour made a turnaround story for Vogue. It has 11 million subscribers and spreading across 23 countries, it continues to highlight the fashion world and its trends.

vogue india

2. Elle:
It is a French magazine that was begin in 1945 with the primary focus on women’s fashion. It simply means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French. Before few years from publishing, it initiated a campaign slogan that translated into ‘If she reads, she reads Elle’, which gained grip and slowly turned it into the huge it is today. It is stated in the United States, Elle is now published and circulated in 44 countries with a focus on fashion and all other things exciting for women.

elle india

3. Harper’s Bazaar:
It was started in 1862 and is considered as America’s first fashion magazine that selected the upper middle class by publishing content that is modified, informative, and thought dynamic. The editorial covers from the latest trends and runway shows to fashion updates in both casual and customize. Initially it was published weekly and now transitioned to a monthly magazine and is now into blogs and other digital platforms. The headquartered in New York, the magazine is published in different 32 countries.

Harper’s Bazaar india

4. Women’s Era:
It is one of the famous fashion magazines and is known to cover every aspect in a woman’s life, Woman’s Era was initially published in 1973. Divesh Nath is the editor of Women’s Era. Same like other fashion magazines in India, this fashion magazine also covers fashion, cooking, art, entertainment, and much more.

Women’s Era india

5. Grazia Fashion:
The editor of this magazine is Mehernaaz Dhondy. It us basically an Indian edition of the Italian women’s fashion and celebrity gossip magazine Grazia. In 2008 it was first launched and is impacted toward the urban women of today. It is a monthly basis magazine and covers fashion, health, and current events. Grazia leads the way when it comes to the latest trends in both fashion and beauty, and specify the best buys.

Grazia Fashion india

6. MW (Man’s World):
The India’s first men’s luxury lifestyle magazine is MW. The feature of this magazine is that, it has been the lively, vibrant and authoritative voice of the globalized urban Indian male for more than a decade. Its highlights reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the new and successful India. It’s specified for quality writing, good content and amazing photography, backed by elegant design & production. It includes everything that Indian men are looking for these days such as clothes, cars, gizmos, electronics, books, movies, wines, music, fitness, relationship, adventure, travel it provides them with all the information and advice to help lead life to the fullest.

MW (Man's World) india

7. Hair:
It is one of the UKs biggest-selling magazine and is published in India by Spenta Multimedia under a licensing arrangement with Vitality Publishing, UK. The only specialist magazine dedicated to hair is Indian edition and good for the consumer as well as the professional. It covers all topics such as hair care, styles and trends or beauty industry news, views and reviews. HAIR, a monthly magazine, has a print run of 65,000 copies.

Hair india magazine

8. Verve:
It was launched in 1995, is one of the leading home-build luxury international fashion magazines of India. This magazine covers various interviews, Bollywood news, latest style trends, beauty tips, food, travel, arts and culture, international fashion and more. It also features many achievers from various different fields, showcasing top-notch professional fashion designers and talented Indian and international writers. Due to its high quality content, it is one of the most subscribed fashion magazines in India.

Verve india magazine

9. GQ Magazine:
It is an American origin publication and is found to be one of the best fashion magazines in India particularly for men. It is very a trendy magazine that circulates around fashion, style, technology, politics, movies, fitness, travel, sports and books. It also says about healthcare and real-life success stories. Many Bollywood celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Aamir Khan, and Deepika Padukone have got opportunity to feature on the magazine’s cover.

GQ Magazine

10. New Woman:
To talk about this magazine, it is an Indian fashion and lifestyle magazine and relates well with global publications. The magazine’s editor is Hema Malini, the famous Indian actress. It is handled by pioneer book company. The journal includes a variety of topics such as relationships, finance, career, cinema, books, legal matters, businesses and more. However, it highly focuses content particularly on women’s health issues, body reshaping and fitness. It also spread light on the needs and goals of go-getter Indian women.

New Woman india magazine

Fashion scenario in Indian is famous for its grace, cultural heritage, and colorfulness. It is noticed that, Indian fashion has evolved over time basically from ethnic to western, salwar kameez to high-street fashion. In today’s world it is driven by the desires and aspirations of the Millennials. Everything regarding this is available in fashion magazines. These fashion magazines publish all the current fashion trends, fashion news, fashion industry and more. It has become an important aspect of our fashion industry and has huge scope in future.


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