Top 10 Garment Dyeing Machine Manufacturers

Garments are made from grey fabric, and then the garments are dyed in required color and shade. Garment dyeing is the process of coloring ready-to-wear clothes after manufacturing from grey fabric by cutting and stitching. Usually pants, sweaters, shirts & skirts are dyed after manufacturing is completed. Different types of dyeing machines are used in textile industry to dye complete garments. There are various types of garment dyeing machine brands are available on the market. In this article we will discuss top 10 garment dyeing machine manufacturers. Though it is tough task to select 10 from hundreds of garment dyeing machine manufactures.

List of Top 10 Garment Dyeing Machine Manufacturers:

  1. TOLKAR-SMARTEX (Turkey)
  2. Thies GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  3. Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd. (FONG’S) (Hong Kong)
  4. Brazzoli S.p.A. (Italy)
  5. Tonello S.r.l. (Italy)
  6. Dilmenler Textile Machinery Co. (Turkey)
  7. Morrison Textile Machinery Co. (USA)
  8. Sclavos S.A. (Greece)
  9. COSMOTEX (Spain)
  10. TONG GENG (Taiwan)

Briefly described of each garment dyeing machine brand:

TOLKAR is a textile machinery manufacturer based in Turkey, specializing in the production of garment dyeing and washing machinery for the textile industry. With a legacy spanning over 54 years, TOLKAR is recognized for its technological innovation and commitment to sustainability. The company is recognized for its innovative solutions and advanced technology, offering a range of equipment designed to enhance efficiency and quality in textile processing. TOLKAR becomes the unique company who has the capability of manufacturing very high speed washer extractors by exerting 400 G force while spinning. TOLKAR is proud to offer SMARTEX Miracle series which saves dramatically 50 % from the water, chemicals and heating energy and waste water along with the very first manufacturer of ‘Direct Gas Heated’ Washer Extractors.

Tolkar Garment Dyeing Machine
Fig: Tolkar Garment Dyeing Machine

Key Features of TOLKAR-SMARTEX Garment Dyeing Machine:

a) PolyRib ECO Drum with Spin Wash Jet Spray System
This technology simply saves 50 to 70 % from all consumption such as water, all chemicals, dyes, heating energy, waste water and electricity. Machine Works with Spin Wash system and eliminates all water from the gap volume (between inner and outer drums) by spraying all water onto the garments at stable 1 bar. So there is no water in the gap volume and no water in the inner drum wherein we keep all the water in the circulation line. This provides 1:2 – 1:2, 5 liquor ratio in all Washing applications. Due to engineered drum design, loading allowance is around 40-50 % more than conventional washers. All garments are being rotated with 1 G force to eliminate unnecessary falling but also rotating slightly from top to bottom. In the same time our engineered nozzle creates a liquor curtain to spray onto garments at 1 bar. All chemicals penetrate into the fibers consistently without any undesired effects, crease marks or abrasion. Very less water usage saves from all chemicals related with water amount as well as saves from heating energy. When there is no water in the gap volume, there is also no friction in between the rotating inner drum and the said water which normally being in gap volume. This further saves 35 % from the electricity consumption.

b) Smart Balancing System
All Smartex Models have in built very high speed extraction without any vibration. Dynamic balancing system eliminates all springs, shock absorbers, dead weights and heavy fixings on the ground. All machines are capable of exerting 400 G force efficiently extracts all water from the garments. This further saves 20 % from your drying time and drying energy. With this system there is no need for separate hydro extractors and no need extra labour and time for loading unloading handling etc. Homogeneous and efficient extraction will give unbelievable results during the sustainable processes like nano bubble systems and ozone applications. Smartex Miracle controls all imbalances with special balancing cells at the both ends of inner drum. Any imbalance detected within the drum is being corrected automatically by injecting the same amount of water to the opposite side cells of the drum throughout the whole extraction Process.

c) In Built Smart Flow Nano Bubble Technology
Smartex Miracle All In One has in built Smart Flow System without a need of separate nano bubble generator. Machine has a single tank with in built adjustable pumps and pneumatically covered 6 nozzles wherein enzyme, bleach, softener etc applications can be done via nano bubble chemical spray. In this system there is no need for water or heating energy as all chemicals are being sprayed from nozzles in a cloud form. It saves 90% from water, 100 % from heating energy. All system is controlled from machines panel in a standard recipe without extra loading unloading. The advantage of our in built system is to create the nano bubbles just on the front door. Normally competitors have a separate nano bubble generator wherein they create the bubble by mixing the liquid with compressed air HOWEVER from generator to the washing machine nozzles there is almost 35 % pressure loss in the hoses. This effects the quality of bubbles as bubble sizes getting bigger (close to liquid form) and slovers the amount of pure chemical injection. In Smartex system, chemical goes in a liquid form until to the nozzles and just in front of the nozzles we mix it with compressed air. Without loosing any pressure we are able to spray into the drum with max efficiency. Because of that all nano bubble systems cannot work for more that 50-60 pieces of garments wherein Smartex is able to do the same for 120 KG dry garments !

Another very important point for nano bubble application is a homogeneous extraction to obtain equal humidity retention on garments. As I explained you, separate hydro extractors cannot provide homogeneous humidity retention on garments because you do load the extractor drum fully with garments. And extraction force (G) force is related with rpm and diameter of extractor’s drum. So the garments standing near to outer surface has undergo more G forces wherein the garments in the middle has less and garments in center are lesser. Different G forces cause different humidity retention on garments which prevents to obtain consistent results in nano bubble spraying system. So I can clearly say that if you want a real sustainable solution in nano bubble system, HIGH SPEED MACHINE IS A MUST !

On the other hand when you don’t  have a high speed machine, each time you have unload the garments for extraction process. For example you ll start your recipe with Prewash/Desize then rinse and when you come to enzyme with nano bubble, garments must be extracted before nano bubble. So if your machine doesn’t have in built extraction, you’ve to unload the garments and bring into hydro extractor, then again back to washer that will cause dramatic time loss with extra labour and handling.

d) Ozone Application
Again Smartex Miracle All IN One Series have in built ozone app system where the machine automatically seals itself be ready for ozone inlet. Our O3 generators are compatible to control from Smartex panel so by only writing 1 recipe, you are able to start the whole process including wet washes, nano bubble washes, ozone washes and extraction. Here in O3 applications, again the most critical point is the humidity retention on garments same as nano bubble system. In case of a humidity differences on garments you will definitely have the variations after ozone process. So consistent humidity retention is a MUST for successful ozone bleaching means all of your garments must have same humidity retention. Having a Smartex Miracle All In One provides you all above ultimate Technologies in same machine in order to achieve REAL sustainable results.

Company Details:
Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi,
10039 Sokak No: 15, AOSB
Çiğli – İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 376 85 00

2. Thies GmbH & Co. KG:
Thies headquartered in Germany, is a renowned manufacturer of textile dyeing and finishing machinery. With a history dating back to 1892, Thies is recognized for its innovative solutions in the field of garment dyeing. The company is known for producing high-quality and environmentally friendly machines that cater to the evolving needs of the textile industry. Thies is a global leader, known for its advanced solutions that meet the evolving demands of the textile industry, emphasizing environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in its cutting-edge products.

Company Details:
Thies GmbH & Co. KG
Borkener Straße 155
Am Weißen Kreuz
48653 Coesfeld, Germany
Telephone: 0049 2541 733-0
Fax: 0049 2541 733-299

3. Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd. (FONG’S) (Hong Kong):
Fong’s provides dyeing and finishing machineries. The Company offers design and manufacturing of machinery for yarn dyeing, piece dyeing, dryers, and finishing. FONG’S is recognized for its technologically advanced solutions and innovative products for the textile industry. Fong’s National Engineering Company serves customers internationally.

Company Details:
Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd.
Level 13, Tower 2, Kowloon Commerce Centre, 51 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Tel   (852) 2497 3300
Fax   (852) 2432 2552

4. Brazzoli S.p.A. (Italy):
Brazzoli S.p.A., headquartered in Italy, is a distinguished manufacturer specializing in textile dyeing and finishing machinery. Brazzoli S.p.A. was founded in 1989. The Company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of machinery for the textile industries including parts, attachments, and accessories. Brazzoli’s commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and sustainability has solidified its position as a global leader.

Company Details:
Brazzoli S.p.A. (Italy)
Address: Via alla Chiesa, 41, 20030 Senago MI, ITALY
Phone: +39 02 9901921
Fax: +39 02 9901921

5. Tonello S.r.l. (Italy):
Tonello is the global leader of garment dyeing and finishing machineries that, since 1981. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Tonello is recognized for its cutting-edge machinery for processes such as garment dyeing, washing, and finishing.

Company Details:
Tonello S.r.l. (Italy)
Via della Fisica 1/3 – Sarcedo (VI) 36030 Italy
Telephone: +39 0445 343200

6. Dilmenler Textile Machinery Co.:
Dilmenler Textile Machinery Co. based in Turkey established in 1982 and specialized in the manufacturing of textile machinery for fabric and dyeing. Dilmenler is recognized for its reliable and high-performance equipment. Now they reached 120.000 m² total / 80.000 m² closed production area. As Dilmenler are aware of the importance of development, they still continue to improve their production area and R & D.

Company Details:
Dilmenler Textile Machinery Co.
Ataköy 7-8-9-10. Part Mh. Çobançeşme E5 Yanyol Avrupa Konutları Office A Block Floor:11 Bakırköy / Istanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 212 551 18 27

7. Morrison Textile Machinery Co. (USA):
USA based Morrison Textile Machinery Co. is a significant player in the garment dyeing machine industry. It has over 60 long years of manufacturing excellence. It is famous for its innovative designs, heavy duty materials, premier purchased components, true USA production, and state-of-the-art control and automation systems are not compromised in the face of today’s intense pressure for lower prices.

Company Details:
Morrison Textile Machinery Co.
6044 Lancaster Hwy., Fort Lawn, SC 29714
Phone: +1 803-872-4401

8. SCLAVOS S.A. (Greece):
SCLAVOS is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery, particularly known for its expertise in the design and production of fabric, garment dyeing and finishing equipment. SCLAVOS History, starts in 1948, when the company was established in Athens Greece by two genius partners, Spyros Sclavos and Evangelos Skepariotis. SCLAVOS offers a range of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for the textile industry.

Company Details:
Sclavos S.A.
Thessi Kormatzini Shimatari Viotias – 320 09
Phone: +30 22620 59788

9. COSMOTEX (Spain):
COSMOTEX is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing and marketing textile & garment dyeing, finishing and cutting room machinery. It was founded in 1991 but with a tradition in the textile industry since 1963.

Company Details:
Coll-Loras S.A (Cosmotex)
Poligon Industrial Pont Xetmar
C/B Nº 11-13 / 17844-Cornella de Terri
Girona (Spain)
Tel: +34972595068
Fax: +34972595069

10. TONG GENG (Taiwan):
Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd. Is a Taiwan based textile and garment dyeing machine manufacturer. It specializes in design and manufacturing of dyeing equipments for yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing. With over 30 years of solid experience, Tong Geng is one of the leading and skilled suppliers in the world. They focus on design and manufacture top quality, advance and efficient textile machineries, and continuously research & develop innovated products, and comprehensive customer services global wide.

Company Details:
Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
13F.-1, No.6, Sec. 2, Daxing W. Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33046, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-3-301-6886
FAX : +886-3-301-6568

Dyeing machine manufacturers play a pivotal role in the textile industry by producing advanced machinery that facilitates the process of dyeing fabrics, garments and yarns. These manufacturers combine cutting-edge technology with engineering expertise to create machines that ensure efficient and precise dye application. This article will be helpful for buyers, researchers and students.


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