Indian Wedding Dress for Men and Women

Indian Wedding Dress for Men and Women

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In this article, we are jumping into the amazing world of Indian wedding ceremony dress ideas for men and women. As everyone know that weddings in India are grand ceremony, which is filled with rich cultural values, beautiful vibrant colors, intricate details, and unquestionable glamour. And of course, one of the most important parts of particularly Indian wedding is the attire, which holds a great place in Indian culture. Either you select a majestic sherwanis or regal kurtas, from beautiful lehengas to varieties of sarees, many options are available for men as well as women as diverse and stunning as the ceremony itself. In this article, some of the best Indian wedding ceremony dresses for men and women are explained, offering you with inspiration and guidance which help you spark on your big day.

Indian Wedding Dress

Various Indian Wedding Dress for Men:
As it is known that, Indian weddings comprise of many different ceremonies that start days before the actual wedding. Each ceremony gives a chance for the bride and the groom to dress up and bring their best fashion game to the public. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent Indian wedding dresses for men:

Basically, sherwani is a long coat-like garment which is worn over a Kurta-Pyjama or can also wear with a Dhoti. It has usually intricately embroidered patterns over it and comes in rich as well as elegant colors like gold, maroon, and cream. A sherwani can be a great option for the groom or the groom’s father for the wedding ceremony.

wedding Sherwani

Kurta-Pyjama is also one of the well known traditional Indian dresses which is being worn by men. It simply consists of a long, loose-fitting type of a shirt, which is paired with loose pants. A Kurta-Pyjama generally available in lighter colors and is perfect choice for the mehendi or the sangeet ceremony. But now it is available in all kinds of a colour.

Wedding Kurta-Pyjama

A Dhoti-Kurta is also popular traditional Indian attire, which is worn by a groom that comprise of a white cotton or silk dhoti usually paired with a long shirt or Kurta. It is generally combined with paired with a dupatta or stole and is good choice for the wedding ceremony.


Bandhgala, also known as Jodhpuri Suit is a superb outfit that is great for the wedding ceremony. It is kind of a fitted jacket, which has a Nehru collar paired with straight pants.


It is a white piece of cloth that highlights a kind of stole that is draped over the shoulder to cover particularly the torso. It is generally being worn by South Indian men for religious ceremonies and is also a prominent wedding attire for Mangalorean, Bengali and Tamil Brahmin grooms.


Pathani Suit:
It is more sophisticated and relaxed version of the Jodhpuri suit. It usually comprise of a long, loose-fitting shirt paired with straight pants.

wedding Pathani Suit

Nehru Jacket:
A Nehru Jacket is nothing but simply a sleeveless jacket with a mandarin collar. It can be aligned with a Kurta-Pyjama or can also go with shirt-pant combination.

Nehru Jacket

Accessories to Assist the Wedding Dress:
As it is clear fact that, the accessories also play an important role in completing men’s wedding attire. They definitely add a touch of personality and character to the entire outfit. Below are popular accessories for men’s wedding attire:

Turban or Safa:
A turban or safa is a very popular headgear accessories option for Indian grooms. It is generally created with very rich and colorful fabrics that match the wedding attire and basically completes it.

wedding Turban or Safa

Mojari or Jutti:
Mojari or jutti are kinds of traditional Indian footwear that go well for the wedding ceremony. They are also available in many different colors as well as designs and can add a pop of color to the outfit.

wedding Mojari or Jutti

Stole or Dupatta:
As discussed in above dresses, a stole or dupatta is very important accessories and is a kind of long scarf that is generally worn over the shoulder. It gives a touch of elegance to the wedding attire and can be used to match the bride’s wedding outfit.

wedding Stole or Dupatta

Necklaces or Earrings:
It is also seen that, men can also accessorize their wedding dress with different necklaces or earrings. They also provide a touch of masculinity and personality to the wedding look.

wedding Necklaces or Earrings

It is a traditional headdress, which is being worn by the groom; it particularly has garlands which is hanging from it and helps to cover the face of the groom. As Indian people tends to believe in many superstitions; so it is believed that the sehra is worn to keep the evil eye away from the groom and helps in hide negative energy at bay.

wedding sehra for men

Different Types of Indian Wedding Dress for Women:
It is very obvious that, an Indian bride has the opportunity of adding together sets of many diverse wedding dresses because of the multiple programs involved in a typical Indian wedding. Either you are marrying into an Indian family or are of Indian ancestors, there are so many looks that you can try for your special day, which are explained below:

Traditional Red Indian Bridal Lehenga:
It is found to be one of the common color used for auspicious occasions such as wedding ceremonies, red colour has more value in tradition and is a very important color in many of the regions of India. It is found to be a symbol of prosperity, passion, and new beginnings. As per the Hindu religion, it also represents Durga, the Hindu goddess which denotes a feminine power and new beginnings. That’s the reason this colour is mostly for Indian wedding dresses, no matter their style.

Traditional Red Indian Bridal Lehenga

Gold Indian Wedding Gowns:
The charm of stylish Indian wedding dresses cannot be undeniable. Starting from the traditional lehengas to the latest Indian bridal gowns, there is something special as well as gorgeous about each and every Indian wedding dress. One can find Indian bridal dresses made from various types of fabrics like silk or chiffon, which are adorned in accents of gold or red, and an abundance of elaborate embroidery. Out of this, Gold is one of the most important color that stands apart at most Indian weddings and is worn by almost every bride and ladies.

Gold Indian Wedding Gowns

Banarasi Silk Saree:
This saree is originated from the holy city of Varanasi. Originally it is reserved for royalty, women opt this type saree to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd and it is a common bridal option in North India weddings. There is gold or silver brocade work, and the designs are found of gold or silver zari on the borders of the saree. Common motifs used in saree are flowers, leaves, stems, and bel. Match your Banarasi Saree with authentic gold jewelry for your modern desi wedding.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Kanjeevaram Saree:
It is a traditional bridal sarees from Tamil Nadu, and also known for fine mulberry silk fabric and explore intrinsic elegance and grace. To complete the attire, the sarees have a featured gold tinge and are a great choice to wear at Indian weddings particularly at South India. Kanjeevaram sarees comprises of a religious motifs based on legendary tales and temples and the pallu consists of generally contrast hue, adding extra taste to the drape’s texture.

Kanjeevaram Saree

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Sharara Suit:
It is also known as pavadai, or half saree, Shararas are implicative of the Mughal Empire, particularly Lucknow, and also became famous in many Bollywood films during the period of 1960s, worn by Meena Kumari, and Leena Chandavarkar. They found special again, when Kareena Kapoor Khan wore a Sharara in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, which was designed by one of the great fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. This attire typically flares out into a large ghera at the bottom, adding a royal old-world charm and putting a high value of contemporary style to the Indian bridal attire.

wedding Sharara Suit

Anarkali Suit:
It is majorly inspired by the Mughal era, the Anarkali suit basically comprise of a long, flowy kurta paired with particularly a fitted leggings, which is simply known as churidar and adorned with a dupatta. This dressing style is popular for its grace and is a great alternative for wedding receptions and other formal ceremonies.

wedding Anarkali Suit

Palazzo Suit:
The palazzo suit has achieved more demand in recent years. It simply comprise of a long, flared kurta paired with usually wide-legged pants, which is known as palazzo and wore with a dupatta. This wedding attire gives a modern look and comfortable fusion to traditional Indian wedding dress.

wedding Palazzo Suit

Paneled or Kalidar Lehenga:
It is also a beautiful bridal lehenga twist, the fitting very graceful, and the impressive appeal of traditional silhouettes are all explored with Kalidar lehengas. These are usually found to be vertically paneled, narrow around the waist and widen toward the bottom hem, resulting in a broader flair effect. When it comes to the number of panels is fixed by the skirt’s design and fabric, with the most frequent number being used are 24 panels and contemporary lehengas which consists of 64 Kalis.

wedding Kalidar Lehenga

So, to summarize with Indians celebrate weddings ceremonies in a very grand way. Indian Weddings are very popular for their auspicious rituals, traditional customs, and warm lavishness in celebration of love. With elegant charm and amazing designs, Indian wedding fashion continues to shine all over the world. The incredible country is a mixture of various cultures as seen in the sarees, lehengas, and embroidery designs and continues to attract bride and groom fond of the luxurious, symbolic outfits.


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Q1. How many dresses do you need for an Indian wedding?
Ans: Indian wedding comprise of 4 to 5 major ceremonies, so will need at least 5 different dresses for all the ceremonies. Ceremonies just like, Engagement, Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, Wedding & Reception.

Q2. How many sizes can a wedding dress are taken in?
Ans: As per the experts, it is suggested that you can increase the dress size by one or reduce it by two sizes without having to change out the dress entirely or recut it.

Q3. What is trendy wedding dress of India?
Ans: Lehenga Cholis are the popular and trendy Indian wedding dress. The Indian lehenga reigns control, reigning as a wedding essential.

Q4. What do Indian brides wear on their head?
Ans: Indian brides usually wears Maang tikka, mathapatti, bor, and borla all these types adornments belonging to different cultures.

Q5. What are the colors for Indian wedding dresses?
Ans: The most commonly used colours for Indian wedding attire are “Red, Green, and Yellow”. From the past itself, these colours have become synonymous with Indian weddings.

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