Importance of Pattern Making in Fashion Industry

Clothing is very important to present oneself beautifully. And considering this importance, a large market for clothes has been created all over the world. Massive fashion houses are being created by the combination of entrepreneurs and designers. In this case, a new pattern making plays an important role in fashion industry. Pattern has to be made before making any new clothes. It is not possible to get an idea about clothing without a pattern. Because in the fashion industry, clothes of any design are produced on a commercial basis.

What is Pattern Making?
In the garment industry, the form that is made by drawing a replica of each part of a garment on a flat cardboard is called a pattern. Separate patterns are made for each part of the garment. These patterns are used to paint each part of the garment on the cloth or on marker paper before cutting the cloth.

pattern making by fashion designer
Figure: Pattern making by fashion designer

The design according to which the pattern will be prepared, one has to decide beforehand how many pieces of the pattern will be made. The body size of the person for whom the garment will be made has to be taken; usually the garment does not take the body size of any individual person. They create clothing patterns according to specific sizes.

Importance of Pattern Making:
Nowadays men prefer shirts, Punjabi, T-shirts, polo t-shirts, pajamas, pants and women prefer sari, salwar kameez, tops, pajamas, pants, leggings. Each garment again has a different pattern. Designers also present clothes of the same name differently due to the pattern. By creating timely and trendy clothes, the designers showcase their creativity and strong position in the fashion conscious community. In this case, one has to create a new pattern every day. Fashion designers can’t express their thinking style without a pattern. Any design first they highlight through it. Therefore, its role in the fashion industry is undeniable.

Patterns are created to cut more fabrics in less time. The fashion industry is constantly thinking of new fashions. So in these cases there is a lot of emphasis on pattern making. Thousands of pieces of clothing can be cut with a single pattern of any design. Because when one’s goes to cut thousands of pieces of fabric with direct size, they have to face many problems. That’s why fashion designers are emphasizing the importance of creating a pattern before any design. If there is any mistake, it will be caught here and as a result the wastage of clothes will be reduced a lot.

Fashion houses are creating their own distinct customer segment through the ever-new Pattern Making. With a little variety in the pattern of many garments, it can be expressed as a new design. Nowadays, fashion industries are always busy inventing new fashions. As a result, there is a need for different pattern making for each of these designs. It is not possible to give the look of design directly to the fabric without pattern making. The subject of pattern making is also creating new employment in fashion industry. In this regard, students have a huge employment market in the world. For all these reasons, if anyone takes up the subject of design and pattern making as a profession, there is an inexhaustible opportunity for work.

At present the use of Jamdani, Katan and hand woven cotton fabrics have also increased considerably. The production of local fabrics has also increased day by day. Different types of diversity are seen in the garment pattern. Even designers reveal their creativity of their mind with the pattern of clothing. The fashion market has been booming for years with uneven cut clothes. The variety of neck design has been appreciated. At present the country’s fashion designers have become interested in working outside the country. In its continuation, people have seen the craft of scissors in the neck line on the sleeves of the clothes. Last year and this year, the biggest difference was the sleeves of the clothes. As a result, the importance of pattern making is essential in the fashion industry.

Creating a pattern can be used for many days. With the help of patterns, designs can be saved very well. Patterns will be created very carefully when creating, because if any part of the pattern is slightly decreased or increased, the fabrics that will be cut by this ready pattern will also be smaller or bigger. And if such a big thing is small, it will not be possible to make a dress properly. As a result, it will be difficult to get the right design for the dress.

Interest in aesthetically designed clothing has increased among the buyers. Fashion connoisseurs are now emphasizing artistry rather than the flashy design of clothing. There is no more satisfaction with the extra design and color variation. And in this case, the pattern of clothing is playing an unprecedented role. Fashion industries are currently relying on clothing patterns. The more diverse the pattern of clothing, the more new fashions will come into the market. This is where the success of Parton Making lies.


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