Different Types of Blouse Designs for Sarees

Different Styles of Blouses for Sarees

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Blouses are being considered as an important aspect of traditional attire in many cultures, particularly in South Asia, where they are majorly worn with attires like sarees, lehengas, or skirts. Blouses are found to be very versatile garments which are available in a huge variety of styles, types, colours, designs each giving a unique look and feel.

The blouse designs are so important that they can either make or break your entire appearance. With great options available, it’s become sometimes tough to select the right designs or styles that compliment your body type, skin colour, and overall persona. Selecting the blouse design also relies on the occasion or events you are wearing it. The ladies who want to enhance their look and make the head instantly turn, then select for the trendy blouse designs listed here.

Different Styles of Blouses for Sarees:
Below is the mesmerizing list of different styles of blouses for sarees that are suitable for every occasion or events, and women must try out it.

1. Back Embroidery Rich Blouse:
The Back Embroidery Rich Blouse is a kind of fashionable garment which very simply combines traditional elegance with contemporary style. This amazing blouse is featured because of its embroidery on the back side, developing a attractive and luxurious appearance. Here, there is a properly designed embroidery highlighting accurate patterns, delicate motifs, and ornate designs, enhancing a look of sophistication to the overall beauty.

Back Embroidery Rich Blouse

2. Double Neckline Blouse Designs:
One can easily grace the occasion with this lovely Double Neckline Blouse Design. This blouse style is very different and royal embroidery blouse designs uplift the intricate appearance of the sarees. Whether it is a festival time or a family function, or other occasions, women can easily personalize this latest blouse design and give their saree a glamorous appearance.

Double Neckline Blouse Designs

3. Zipped Blouse:
The one who prefers a precise or bold look, then you must try a zipped wedding saree blouse designs, they are a perfect way to mix a touch of whimsy and personality into your bridal look. It is seen that many of the colourful sarees enhance the stylish zipper blouse. The zipped blouses are found to be very comfortable along with the bridal jewellery and adornments.

Zipped Blouse

4. An Off-Shoulder Designer Saree Blouse Design:
If you want to create a bold fashion statement with a magnificent designer saree blouse highlighting an off-shoulder design, it is a perfect mix of contemporary allure and traditional beauty.

An Off-Shoulder Designer Saree Blouse Design

5. Shine In A Sequins Blouse Design:
Even, it is seen that one can simply dazzle and shine in a saree blouse design ornamented with delicate straps and delicate sequin art, enhancing a look of glamour to your saree ensemble

Shine In A Sequins Blouse Design

6. Net Blouse Designs:
One can also step up in the fashion game with this Net Blouse design. This blouse design is found to be very classic and can help you to gather the attention that you need. With the help of this blouse design, one can easily stand out from the crowd, in any of the weddings or festivals.

Net Blouse Designs

7. Boat Neck Blouse Designs:
Try to show off the style of wearing a saree with this amazing and popular Boat Neck Blouse Design. This blouse design tends to offer you a mesmerizing look and goes well with anybody the silk and designer sarees. Boat Neck blouse designs are generally found to be very versatile and make them the perfect option for attending some of the  casual or formal events.

Boat Neck Blouse Designs

8. Sleeveless Blouse Designs:
As we know that the summer is on the edge of arrival and it’s the suitable time to refurbish your wardrobe with this beautiful and glamorous sleeveless latest blouse design. It is generally observed that, when one wears this beautiful blouse design with matching sarees, it will make them look so sexy and stunning.

Sleeveless Blouse Designs

9. Infinity Blouse Designs:
This type of design is found to be most attractive as well as fashionable blouse. Ranging from the Bollywood celebrities to every newbie, everyone is adopting this trend. This design was generally inspired by rural women’s attire and got the name Infinity because of the similarity with the Infinity symbol.

Infinity Blouse Designs

10. Jacket Style Blouse Designs:
One can also easily glam up their appearance with this latest and trendy blouse design. It tends to offer a classy look to the women who want to stand distinct and prominent in their attires. It is great for all types of traditional sarees. This blouse design is the suitable choice for professional women who are bored of wearing normal again and again.

Jacket Style Blouse Designs

11. Closed Neck Blouse Designs:
These are also found to be very popular for traditional attire, as they put the touch of  elegance to any saree, basically silk sarees. The silk sarees tend to showcase the boldness of women and closed neck blouse designs generally touch feathers to them. So, go and select a new style to your life with this astounding staggering design.

Closed Neck Blouse Designs

12. Deep Neck Blouse Designs:
The one who needs to flatter their figure, try to go for Deep Neck Blouse Designs. With this trendy blouse design, one can always be up-to-date with fashion styles. The Deep Neck blouse design is so perfect for almost all body types and can be worn for any occasion, events, and programs.

Deep Neck Blouse Designs

13. Criss-cross Blouse Designs:
One can easily change the saree look with this ever-gorgeous Criss-cross blouse style. This trendy blouse design generally goes best with any pair of sarees. It has always been in good demand because of its elegant and glamorous appearance. Criss-cross blouse designs perfectly add an amazing and fashionable factor to the evening outfit.

Criss-cross Blouse Designs

14. Bell Sleeves Blouse Designs:
Try to electrify your party-wear saree look with the help of this amazing and trendy bell sleeves blouse design. It is also a versatile option that suits almost all the women of all body types. Many women simply tend to choose this design as it ensembles both modern as well as feminine. Although, it is a westernized style, it goes superb with women of all ages.

Bell Sleeves Blouse Designs

15. Puff Sleeve Blouse Designs:
These styles are found to be the great way to put a touch of elegance and a feminine appeal to your traditional clothing. It’s not simply like a fabric, they are usually like fireworks of style bursting with confidence and design. This type of trendy blouse design can align with any saree to create a contemporary look.

Puff Sleeve Blouse Designs

So, selecting the correct saree blouse design is considered as an art and it can enhance your fashion game, appearance and viability. The proper and precise saree blouse can improve the appeal of a saree, reflect your persona, and tends to enhance your self-esteem. With a different list of designs, styles one can confidently select the one that reflects with your style, taste and fashion.


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Q1. Which designs of blouse is trending currently?
Ans: Currently it is analyzed that puffed sleeves, high-neck, ruffle-sleeves, halter-neck, and balloon sleeves are a few interesting designs of blouse that are in trend.

Q2. Which colour blouses generally match for all colours?
Ans: Colours such as white, beige, cream, or black can develop a balanced and perfect look, also allow the saree to be in the center stage.

Q3. Should saree blouse be tight or loose?
Ans: It is also seen that a blouse that is too loose will generally look dull, while the one which is too tight, besides making you uncomfortable, will look frumpy. So, it should not be too tight or too loose and should have an appropriate the neck length, sleeves’ fitting, bodice length and waist fitting.

Q4. Is it fine you wear a bra with a saree blouse?
Ans: Yes, it is fine. But the right bra is as important as the right blouse whenever you are thinking of wearing a saree. Currently, when you have so many options of unique blouses available in the market, your regular bra might not work well with them.

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